This blog

I'm Jacob Christian Munch-Andersen, this is my personal website and blog. My website is a showcase for my work, a way of sharing ideas and thoughts with the world, and hopefully also a medium for me to make new contacts, receive criticism and eventually learn from the ideas and thoughts of others.

I have been coding as a hobby since around 2003 where my programming skills formed as I picked up the game programming language Blitz Basic. In 2007 I had also learned a good deal of HTML, and as I grew more comfortable with Javascript I realized that it could do a lot more than what it was normally used for. It became a challenge for me, taking Javascript programming as far as possible. My first project was a Tetris clone, cumbersome and ugly, full of workarounds but it was working real time code none the less. With more experience I have been able to widen my scope and focus on quality. Graphical quality, game play quality, multi browser support and standards compliance, just about everything one would require for professional applications.

Along the way I have also developed some pixel art skills, primarily hard coding the algorithms for generating abstract patterns or exact graphical components.

The combination of a good sense of logics and experience with web programming also led me to an in-depth understanding of web security, and namely insecurity.

Notably I'm also a former online Tantrix master and sole Danish online Tantrix master ever.